Double pawn promotion by opponent and I still won

TBF we are both crap players, and he had the win if he had seen it (sure he had a mate position)

Forgetting my opponents blunders (and mine), gotta be happy with this win :-)

That was funny to get superior material then still lose. This is also at times what I dislike about chess...

ngl there were a lot of Oof moments in that game lol but good job pulling out the W

Funny bit when Black does lovely Nxf2, Nh3 ++ and then misses Qg1 1 - 0.

Wow, totally did not see that, I missed that my Rook on the F file stops the only reply to Qg1 which is - KxQg1

Reply would be from the pinned piece Nxg1. King couldn't capture cause the black queen would be protected by the knight.