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  3. Does this qualify as a back rank checkmate?


Technically it is a "back rank mate" however the use of the dark bishop to support the rook makes it feel like an "opera mate"

You mated on the back rank, so yeah its a back rank mate. Not sure about the Opera Mate thing. Gotta check.

Opebackrank mate?

Technically it is a "Piece-helped back rank mate"

Not back rank mate. It is mate

Not every checkmate delivered on the back rank is a back_rank_mate.

@Sarg0n Every rule has an exception.

pieopebacmate- (PI-op-ebac-MATE)

1. A checkmate in which the bishops are on e4 and c5, resulting in an Rf8 checkmate 2. A fancy way of saying, "I beat YOU!!"