Did he let me win?

This looks like typical loss for players around my playing strength. Nothing suggests he let you win on purpose, it appears he just blundered with 12. Nxf6 which cost him the game. Correspondence ratings are kinda weird and unreliable as you can theoretically never lose a game if you play with infinite time or if your opponent forgets to move, not sure whether one can trust those ratings entirely.

13...Nd5 is a blunder, which should never ever happen in correspondence chess at any level. This is a clear sign that black did not analyse properly and probably took the game to lightly or sent his move too fast.

I only had one mistake. Against a 2300. Ill take it : )

Well done. But correspondence is weird, ratings don't seem to matter as much somehow.

That's true @Morozov. I'll take the win! I am very surprised he didn't see that final kill shot before he let me have it.

Well, I was playing this 1800 who was playing spicy endgame, so I deliberately didn't punish 2 of his terrible moves. It ended up being a terrific endgame tho :)

(hope this aint sandbagging)

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