Defeating a very high rated opponent for the first time!

Well played for a 1200 rated player. Why did you sacrificed your rook with 13.Rxe6 ?

@gablusky Thank you for sharing that game with us! Well played!

The pawn structure you achieved by move 7 gives great attacking chances for white - so much so that it's in fact the focus of GM Simon Williams' latest DVD (the GM Master Method 2 Revitalizing your chess). Your play very closely matched what he suggests in the early chapters of the DVD. I'm guessing you may already have a copy of the course, but if not (and you like playing in that style), maybe consider picking it up.

Thanks again for the lovely game. Though I think if I had the black pieces, I might still play on - especially if I had that much of a rating difference on my opponent.

You played Like an Engine/SuperGM for initial 9-10 moves. No inaccuracy even which is rarely a case for even 2000 rated player in Lichess.

Don't believe that nonsense by human. Anyone can learn and memorize an opening they play often, up to more moves than played in the example; regardless of their rating.
He thinks "only a GM" can play 10 moves without an inaccuracy, which is rubbish.

If he knows, the theory which, is clearly shown in this game, even a 1100 can play like a 2100......

Congrats on the win! There's something special about a person's first major upset victory. I hope it's fuel for you to keep playing / studying!


I like the way you played the opening and the 17. Rc1 move.

Well played!

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