Chess tips

Ooooh! And also :) (this is an old meme that I started that only some will get):

Process for studying chess-
1) Play games with breaks for doing tactics.
2) Analyse the games.
3) Learn your weak areas. Eg- Opening, Endgame.
4) Take a book/course/video/GM game according to your weakness
5) Put focus on that study material only
6) Repeat

Play Games-
A good way to improve is to speak aloud your thought process.

Thought Process-
i) Find the idea behind the opponent's move. Look at your opponent's CCT.
ii) Look at your CCT.
iii) If you have no good CCTs, Try and search for good candidate moves that improve your position, then create a plan.
iv) Calculate the line while checking the opponent's forcing responses against each move.
v) Play the line that improves your position most.

Solving Tactics-
Arrange tactics on the board
Don't move the pieces
Write all variations before playing the move
Time yourself if you are good enough :)

Analyzing games:
Keep asking Why did I lose? Why did that happen?
Eg- Why did I lose- My king got crushed. Why did my king get crushed- because they got their army to the kingside and ate me. How did they succeed in that- because there were not enough defenders. Moral of the story (or game XD)- Defend your king well.
You will always learn something from each game.

From analyzing, you can also figure out where you mostly lose (where you make the most mistakes).

Take a course/book/video/GM game- I recommend LimitlessChess for courses (It helped me a lot). But for free, you can also browse the Lichess library, Lichess rules :)!
Only focus on one course/video at a time. Don't be a monkey and jump around, you won't learn anything. I figured that out the hard way :).

My recommendations: If you don't have enough time to study openings, my buddy Levy has 10-minute opening videos that give you a basic idea about the opening. Saint Louis chess club covers a lot of GM games with deep analysis. The most famous chess channel also covers a lot of GM games. Best for the last, hanging pawns is sooo underrated :). I couldn't recommend him enough!

@NirveekRoy said in #1:
> I want to improve in chess so if any one has tips please tell

As you're not that higher rated (no offense) then maybe go to the lichess learn function or even get a coach. Orr you could read some books on chess tactics!!

#5 Saying "Get a master coach who will guide you on how to work on your progress" is reasonable.

Saying "get a coach thats it" is idiocy, especially followed by calling others ignorant. There's a difference.