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  3. Cheating in it's prime

perfect moves of 1900 rated player

Your own bad play is not indicative of cheating by your opponent.

Don't accuse people publicly, go to their profile and use the report button.
See this game. I played it OTB yesterday.
I am white, and 1260 ELO. Opponent is 1613.
8 ACPL from me, 7 ACPL from opponent.
Draw. Did we both cheat ?

Seems pretty normal to me.
(Of course I cannot completely rule out cheating, but I don't believe that's what happened.)

Let's suppose two (2100+ online) players play a game and one of them wins in 22 moves with computer-perfect moves (which was not this case). Does that mean cheating? Most likely it just means a good prep.

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