Castling long sometimes is not good.

Sometimes castling long isn't good, in some cases a blunder.

This game will show when NOT to castle queenside.

I personally felt it would've made more sense to castle short..

Yeah you should almost never castle queenside if your opponent has a lot of pieces on the queenside ready to attack. Castling King-side is almost always better

I usually try to wait until my opponent have castled to decide what side I'll castle. I generally don't want same-side castling, I'd rather throw everything I've got at my opponents king. Sometimes you just have to castle same-side because of pressure though.

it depends on which side your opponent is focusing their attack on.

the game was positionally lost before black even castled, castling into a damaged pawn structure made it even worse.
not a good example why queenside castle is worse.

Sometimes I don't castle as black and play Ke7 coz both kingside and queenside are unsafe to castle

The general rule of thumb is to castle towards the side where there are less open files for your opponent to attack

Castling king's side O-O is nearly always better. It can be done faster, just pawn, knight, bishop, castle, no need to prematurely play the queen. The king is safer on the g-file than on the c-file. After O-O-O it is usually necessary to move the king to the b-file to get out of the c-file and the diagonal and to protect the a-pawn.

I did win games by doing that(by not castling and playing Ke7)

Should I post some of those games?