Can you share your sicillian games? (as black)

I always play sicilian as black when white plays e4 and at my level white plays all kind of moves after it including popular lines. Now I usually can manage any kind of moves but it sometimes get little rough. So I thought it would be interesting to see how other sicilian players play these games. So it would be really helpful if you could share your sicilian games with us , no matter if it follows popular lines or not . Games with middlegame tactics would be interesting. I just want to see sicilian games actually (Of course in which black is winning).

One more thing if you stick with sicilian even if white opens with d4 , please share those games too!

The Sicilians are totally different. Open Sicilians? Anti-Sicilians by white? Sveshnikov is different compared to Najdorf or Dragon? You want to see the typical minority attack in the Sicilian, the cheap trick cxd4 and a better structure? And d4 as well? Come on.

just share any of your game you want to (except anti-sicilian by white). I just want to see what options I have against white's moves. Also if you want i can share my games and you could tell what you would have played or where I went wrong etc.

I can not post a game, because i recently dont play it with white or black, but here is a compilation of all opening lines in the Sicilian complex (B20 - B99) which have a name.

Edit: I just see lichess seemingly cuts away the comments containing the variation names :-/ Here is a paste of the PGN:

And this is the line resulting from always executing the most played move in my GM/Correspondence/old games database:

In the end position in two games they agreed to a draw, in one game black played Qb6+ and in one Qxc2. All games ended in draw.

When considering my big database, also containing patzer games, then 23...Qa8 is played more often and the line goes like this:

The end position appeared in two games, both ended draw.

The Lichess GM Database ends at 25...Ra5

The Line with the most played moves by Lichess players goes like this:

The end position appeared in 8 games.

@Sarg0n nice game! Yes yes, moving the f pawn to f4 anyhow always goes wrong in that line ...

How do you guys embed your games like that?