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  3. Blunder to mate in one?

So I haven't played many games on here thus far but I was wondering if perhaps my last few moves weren't quite as terrible as the computer seems to suggest (I understand that if we were both playing optimally he would have won). I was intentionally trying to get him to move his rook into the position to make a mate occur. Also any suggestions for improvement in future games would be appreciated.

6...Bg4 is weird: you spend a tempo i.e. a move to trade your bad bishop i.e. standing on the colour of your pawns for a knight instead of trading it for his good bishop, not on the colour of his pawns.
10...b5 is a tactical mistake. After that you are lost.

18...Rc2 IS as terrible as the computer suggests. If he moves his queen to the e-file instead of his rook, you are just screwed.
16...Bxe5 and 17...Nxd5 are just natural responses to the threats your opponent makes. And I don't think you had that "I can mate on e1" idea at move 15 or prior, did you?

In general, this kind of "plan" is not healthy for your progress in chess. You can't just put all your chips on the hope that your opponent is completely blind (because, really, it wasn't all that hard to see that the rook is attacked and not defended on e1). The better your opponents get, the less blunders will happen, and then you have to start looking for legit ways to win anyways.

Ok Your assessments make sense. I did notice the bishop to g4 was a bit of a mistake and I do recognize that have a single plan such as the above is not great. I actually noticed the possible mate when I moved my queen to a5, however I didn't fully expect it to turn into a mate and still made the move because it seemed to be a good line of attack. When he moved his pawn up to e4 I figured I should clear the night out of the way and try to open the path to the king. The move of the rook (as I looked into it) was indeed a big mistake. I think I might have gotten a bit too greedy with my plays and that almost cost me dearly.
Thank you for letting me know what you guys thought. I will try to fix some of the issues from this game.

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