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  3. best pleyers of lichess 1#

hello is best pleyers of lichess1#


There are around 100 GMs here just saying...


Its simple, best player is GM DannyTheDonkey

Well you could actually add Magnus as he has played here as well.

@nikitasa first of all, pigeons is not good. neither is ShahMatKanal or oberschlumpf. I could take them all, and I'm a pretty weak player. The true best active player on the site is peng. Lance is also a beast, but Chess-Network? No. If you include them, then I would have to be on the list too.

Btw, ShahMatKanal is the weakest of all the players you mentioned. He's is nowhere CLOSE to the top, he doesn't even have a real title.

and @nikitasa fix your spelling. It's PLAYERS, not pleyers.

I wouldn't say Lance is much better than Chess-Network. They're both good players, but obviously nowhere near someone like Penguin.

Best players on the site include DannytheDonkey, Bombegranate, chessbrahs, Alexander_Zubov, Penguin, GVallejo...

deathmaster ur just salty u arent on there

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