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  3. Best Draws in Chess history?

Had an interesting draw in a game I played recently. Got me thinking about some of the best draws in the history of chess.

Couple of corkers: Immortal draw and Garry Kasparov's Bc7 as candidates?

Would love to see some of your best draws by yourselves or in master games

Here is one of my draws which I played in a correspondence game, which I only finished today:


You may enjoy a study of " GM Carl Schlechter" He didn't win alot of his games...had mostly draws...but he nearly was impossible to beat. He nearly defeated Lasker in a title match ,because they were playing the match with draws counting in the game score, and Lasker was down with one loss. :]

According to wiki on Schlechter:

"He was a typical example of a gentleman chess player of old, offering courteous draws to opponents who felt unwell. If his opponent arrived late for a game, Schlechter would inconspicuously subtract an equal amount of time from his own clock. He also mentored many of his rivals, including Oldřich Duras."

Flashiest draw which immediately comes to my mind:

Shredder vs Gull, TCEC S4, Stage 2b, 14.3

It's mentioned in Wikipedia here:

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