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  3. Best Draws in Chess history?

Had an interesting draw in a game I played recently. Got me thinking about some of the best draws in the history of chess.

Couple of corkers: Immortal draw and Garry Kasparov's Bc7 as candidates?

Would love to see some of your best draws by yourselves or in master games

Here is one of my draws which I played in a correspondence game, which I only finished today:


You may enjoy a study of " GM Carl Schlechter" He didn't win alot of his games...had mostly draws...but he nearly was impossible to beat. He nearly defeated Lasker in a title match ,because they were playing the match with draws counting in the game score, and Lasker was down with one loss. :]

According to wiki on Schlechter:

"He was a typical example of a gentleman chess player of old, offering courteous draws to opponents who felt unwell. If his opponent arrived late for a game, Schlechter would inconspicuously subtract an equal amount of time from his own clock. He also mentored many of his rivals, including Oldřich Duras."