BACK TO BACK greatest endgames of my life

Just played 2 games against an excellent player that resulted in the most ridiculous endgame scenarios I've ever dealt with.

The first game left me with a rook and 2 pawns vs 5 pawns, where I ended up indirectly forcing TWO pawn captures by using the same mate in 1 threat in the exact same position!!! (move 52 and 57)

The 2nd game was incredibly sharp and I thought it was in the bag but a nasty blunder on my part led to a rook + 3 pawns vs bishop + 5 pawns endgame. I was able to slowly push and ended up using the bishop to block check to allow my pawn to promote. I drew more arrows than the Persian army today! 57 ... Kf4 kind of set the ball in motion while 67 ... Bf2 and 74 ... Bh4 sealed the deal.

The second one was a draw though, until white messed it up, 63. Rg6 seems to be the critical mistake. He's able to either force the king in front of the pawn and keep him there or outright win the pawn if the king moves away. Not anymore after this move.
UPD Probably white should get the pawn anyway, g2 is a white square, bishop won't be helping. So yeah, study your endgames, boys and girls.

Ya at the time I was hoping to bounce back and forth between threatening to walk to the a pawn and defending the g pawn, but after that move I realized I gained the tempo i needed.

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