As Much Wildness As You Want!

Think you get only passive and boring positions from the Caro-Kann?
Think again.
Watch this game, and you'll understand.
Suggestions are welcome (I played Black).

6 Bg5 serves no purpose after 6...Qb6 attacking b2. 6...Be7 trades the good bishop Bf8 not on the color of pawns h7 f7 e6 d5 c6 b7 for the bad bishop Bg5 on the color of pawns h4 f2 e5 d4 b2
7...Bxg5 just helps white with the trade he wants, better let him capture Bxe7, as you gain a tempo recapturing ...Nxe7. Stronger 7...Bg4 intending to trade away the bad bishop ...Bxf3 shattering the white pawns.

@Donaldsen In the middle of the game, your opponent made obvious mistakes that you took advantage of. I do not see in this a logical link with the opening.

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