Any suggestions for this game?

Pro tip: if you want to improve your game, focus on hard-fought examples, not some shitshow where your opponent blundered hsi way to a mate on move 23

15 Either rook e1. But since you didnt
16 Bxe7....
Followed by either Re1.

The main difference is that after Bf6 is that he can go Rf7 and your queen is kinda forced to stay on the diagonal to protect the bishop, you will need to repeat or capture the knight.

But Re1 first allows to throw a check in the lightsquares without worrying about a queen capture as the knight is pinned. And if he doesnt move the king, you can pile up with the bishop. If the king is moved, which is kinda what you want, you negate him the possibility of castling. You won at the end because he blundered.

With the suggested line you dont win on the spot, but you enter the end game with some extra tempos and a massive advantage, as he will need at least 2-3 tempos to get the rook out of the corner, you might as well already have captured the lone h pawn or advanced your own