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All my black defenses are antichess like: take up a solid structure, which requires little thinking, where moves are automatic almost. Yes this comes at a price: a depressed position, where white is objectively better. The challenge I pose: now convert your supposed advantage if you can. I have a stable position, I have responses for every human tries, there are no easy tactics. An engine may find holes, but are you an engine? ( hope not )

However with white one somehow feels compelled to play agressively. I think 1. e4 is most agressive, but then black has the Sicilian which is both sharp and has much theory. I have the Smith-Morra against the Sicilian, but if black does not fall to the usual tricks, in the end white is just down a pawn.

Now on I'm trying to extend my antichess approach to white play. The candidate move I'm trying is 1. e3. Most agressive is 1.. e5, but this is the reverse French and I play the French with black. If 1.. d5 then 2. Nf3 and try to go for reverse Nimzo-Indian, which I also prefer with black. Most of the time it just goes 1. e3 e5 2. d4 exd4 3. exd4 and we have the exchange French reversed. This is said to be easy for black, but I have an "antichess" plan and know what structure to build. The same structure can happen through 1. e4 e6 2. Nf3 d5 3. exd5 exd5 4. d4, but then black can also play 2.. c5 and opt for the Sicilian. With 1. e3, Sicilian is not possible.

In this whole game antichess is going on, with white having no advantage at all, even worse a litte, just finally black, who definitely had chances, somehow manages to mess it up:

Maybe you would like the English Opening.

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