Another drawn Bishop vs Knight endgame (self-study)

Hi guys. I've just played another chess game today as Black and this time I had the Bishop. I tried to take advantage of my good Bishop and deprive the knight of outposts but it wasn't enough to win. I've also made a self-study of what I was thinking during the game. Let me know what you think of the game and where I should improve.

Main idea is to force 'zugzwang' (sorry if I have typed it wrong) or force the opponent into position where he has no good moves. I don't think that bishop-knight endgames always wins, and this was of course not the case here either. If you want to play for a win I would definitely recommend not to exchange off pieces so fast. You didn't have any kind of advantage and exchanging the pieces so fast.... bad idea.

i do not think the 29 move was the best move

ArkitjitKar, yeah, I tried to force zugzwang on my opponent once he had the passed pawn but it didn't work because he could always move his kingside pawns. Maybe it would've been better to keep at least one rook on the board.

Yes. 29...Ra4 was better if you wanted to double the rooks. Then if white took the rook on a4 you could have recaptured with the b5 pawn and create some break in the closed pawn structure and create a passed pawn.

No surprise. Knight and King can hold off King, Bishop, and two connected passed pawns if they are all on the same color. I've known this for at least over a decade. I suppose this intended at beginners.

Clearchesser, I should've applied that knowledge in this game.

It was a draw all the time. If you have the dark square bishop, then you must place your pawns on light squares. The bishop can pass between your pawns, attack his pawns if on dark squares and take away dark squares from the knight, while your pawns take away light squares.
So your ...c5 was wrong.
Your Bg7 was also passive: Be3 is a more active square.
Also ...Bf4 attacking pawn h2 is good to provoke either g3 or h3, weakening.
With a bishop you should not worry too much about a passed pawn: your bishop can hold it off from a distance while still covering other squares at the other side of the board.
So you could have made it more difficult for him, but still a draw with best play from both sides.