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  3. Am I dreaming? Today otb team game: both player ACPL 6 and 0/0/0

Today I played a tournament game with classic time control. My young opponent plays quite well so I played cautiously with black. Used time was each 2h minus 1-2 minutes left when I offered the draw.

Very nice. Can confirm you're not dreaming.

My worst fear is getting 2 0/0/0 games in a row and being accused of cheating.

I don't know how you good and skilled people do it. mine was a 3 min one

yeah sure @Hatterix im sure u are afraid of making lots of 0/0/0 with your 1400 elo..LOOOL

@Xo Higher than your 1300 though

@jimj12 old elo dude..i didnt play since ages classic on this account.

@Xo You lost a classical to a 1300 last Friday though

@jimj12 im sharing this account with my little brother.

@Xo I'm sure.

@Xo The fear was even more real when I was actually cheating.
Also, you never know, it could happen.