Am I doing okay?

Hello, can you please review those games and tell me my weaknesses and strenghts? I started playing chess properly exactly 3 months ago, and I am in love with this game already.

Those are games where I was fully concetrated. My biggest weaknes are idiotic blunders (aka. I tend to sometimes forget that my piece is attacked) this is very irritating because I lost many games because of this one little blunder..

Also, if anyone could recommend me some good chess book (about tactics) that would be great.

I have clicked through the first game until 19.Rb2, a move that really hurts my eyes. Why move the rook to a square where it has exactly one square to go, the one where it came from?

Castling long into him already having his heavy stuff mounted on the b file is bold, to say the least. And castling long and then immediately starting to run with the king towards the centre must be bad. Castle into safety, not into attacks.

Well, and you should have taken that Na5 which Black had generously offered ;)

A quick remark on the second one: Don't give away your pair of bishops for no apparent reason. To make things worse you seemed to have connected ...Bxe4 with the idea of going ...Nb4 afterwards. Which doesn't accomplish anything. Do those early ...Nb4 or ...Ng4 moves only if they accomplish something, if they pose a threat that con (if at all) only be parried by making a concession. Here Nb4 does nothing, and the poor guy even has to fight with the Nb8 for the c6 square which makes it difficult for Black to develop properly.

Yes I agree. That castled was rather useless and it made me waste couple of moves. I sometimes have this thing where I realise I made a bad 3 second after I made it...

I looked at this game:
If you miss winning moves like 5.b4 (you played 5. Bd2) everything else is useless. What you need is to improve tactically. Don't blunder and don't miss winning oportunities. This is more important for you at the moment.

Do exercises at Chesstempo. Don't use lichess for training tactics.

#2: Regarding chess books on tactics, I like the small book "Improve Your Chess Tactics" by Yakov Neishtadt (it's a book with chess puzzles and solutions).

I can also recommend the books by Artur Yusupov, "Build Up Your Chess" (this is the first level, in total there are nine books). They contain some instructions (strategy and tactics) and many excercises. (Focus is on the puzzles, like in a work-book.) Actually, I bought the German edition of the first three books in this series for teaching purposes, but some of the excercises are challenging even for experienced players.

For my own training I use the "Anthology of Chess Combinations" (I have the book and the Chessbase Edition) in addition to the tactics trainer on chess24 (

#8: Chesstempo ( is also a nice resource.

Your ideas are very creative and unique, for instance activating your rooks through through the b-file in the first game! I wouldn't have considered that myself. However, before implementing your ideas, see what your opponent is intending to do (always assume they are going to play the best move).

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