Alireza Firouzja vs Duda (great play!)

I am on a video making roll this week.

Just finished making a video analysis of the game where Alireza secures the silver in NorwayChess against Duda.
I love the moves 21.e4 and 22.Qa3.

Very impressed by his overall play as well.

Advertising is not allowed in forums.
Plz don't give links of your videos .
I am sure you do that on other sites forum as well

@AnantGuru, Yes I share this link also on 1 other chess site. Perhaps I should use more.

Since I make an analysis of a chess game, which takes me a lot of time and it is for the chess society (AND perhaps not even relevant, but I earn 0.00 with it.)
I consider this a contribution.
Most feedback I receive through DM and here has been positive so I guess people do enjoy it.

I dont even ask the standard YT requests (please subscribe, like, etc).

If this is against the terms, I would like to hear it from Lichess and I will stop. (Although I would consider that a bit weird)
If you personally dont like my videos you can do two things

1. Give me feedback why, and I might even change that part
2. Ignore my videos and have a happy life (althoug be it without the joy of free Mehzinho-videos)

When did i say you earn through yt. People don't earn from lichess teams as well. But advertising is still not allowed.
I also did not say i do not like your videos. I actually never saw them.
How can i give feedback

@Mehzinho you clicked on no advertising when you created your youtube account? And How does it benefit the community to have a 2100 analyse a game between 2 2700 plus players? Does it benefit the community if the plumber bakes, or if the cook makes the blacksmith work? Maybe next time let the carpenter do you dentistry or the candy maker perform your surgery?