A powerful O-O-O game in traxler opening

I know stockfish considers bc5 and d5 a blunder but I have proven before they are good moves:

Here is the game:

What are your thoughts and comments about the game?


Wow! That is a very powerful countergambit! I can't believe Stockfish can't calculate this. :) GG @Ben2006Tor

Not so sincerely,

I love the traxler because it usually forces critical mistakes from the opponent like in this game. The Italian opening is the first one that I fully analyzed and learned and I love the many interesting lines it could have. The Evan's gambit is probably my favorite line.

I had always found Ng5 to be an annoying move for black and thought that d5 would be the only good reply. But I found that the traxler forces white to play extremely accurately and prove that taking on f7 gives white the large advantage.

I don't try it as much anymore though because I have raised my rating and am now playing against tougher players, who don't fall for those traps as often.

8 exd5 seems good for white

@tpr 8.exd5 is indeed the main move but after nd4 black is doing fine, its a complex line, and I have analayzed all the lines in my study, I can link it if you want

@TMac310 yeh its my favorite opening, many players still fall with that trap and they are rated 2000+, and even if bxf7+, black is not doing to terrible as I have proved in my study

@tpr ıf you know theory Nxf7 equalize game 9. h3 or d6 so good 9...cxd6?
( Qxd6)
9.h3 Bh4 book