A Novelty move vs Stockfish 10 in Caro-Kann!

Played interesting game with novelty move 3! h4 to respond to Stockfish h5 in rare Caro-Kann variation vs Stockfish 10,as game finished in draw my choice of novelty was good realised

Black's 2...h5 is weird. It is doubtful that 3 h4 is the best response. Anyway, you get into a normal Caro-Kann with insertion of the moves h4 and h5. It is unclear if this insertion benefits white or black.

Looks like the kind of move the Lichess "Play against machine" lower levels of Stockfish would play. I recall it would also make weird h-pawn pushes during openings.

@tpr well Stockfish 10 had access to Hiarcs 14 Opening Book,everybody who has that book can check that 2...h5 is one of moves containing in the library of the book also it has average 2866 elo played and number of games played N=22 so I suppose the move derived from top games between engines and was introduced to book as good move,also bear in mind that I had to face 3500+ elo opponent who had more than 3 and half hours in his disposal to destroy me...but somehow I survived so good or not I dont know it needs futher investigation @asdf5656 well Stockfish here had rating 3596!! so it was in its highest rating

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