A nice miniature

its an amatuer game where white blunders by playing 15. Kh1, he should have played either Na4 or Nd1

Interesting. Only 2 inaccuracies for this games and your level. Good for you and thanks for show us this game! Bye

To elaborate on the first comment in the thread, it's critical to develop a sense of attacking and defending pieces (x-raying in this case), as well as spot back-rank weaknesses. Not only did your opponent waste a move since f2 is sufficiently guarded, but they also failed to see that b1 is threatened twice by the queen-rook battery with tremendous pressure on the b2 pawn while the king has no flight squares. Even in the best case scenario where the knight is accepted as lost and white just continues to bring the rook on f1 to the semi-open d-file or simply b3 in an attempt to save the pawn, reconcile the structure somewhat, and prepare a4, black just has too many positional threats for there to be any compensation. The most sound option would probably be supporting the knight on c3 while maintaining support for the e4 pawn via Qd3. Nd1 is also an option, though a bit slow for blitz. I don't think Na4 works. It is just met with Qb5, the queens come off the board with a tempo in black's favor on the recapture (15. Na4, Qb5 16. Qxb5, cxb5 17. Nc3, b4...) and now the knight has to move a second time in the same sequence while giving black a rather advanced supported pawn to look out for. I commend you for playing with a purpose and taking advantage of the opportunities given by your opponent's lack of foresight.

It looks more like your opponent lost an awful game in 18 moves rather than you winning a nice game in 18 moves.

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