5 Average centipawn loss!

I'm sure he did, he just messed up. Can we have less toxic comments?

ok, he probably screwed up. It was not an intelligent move, but that doesn't mean he was throwing.

ACPL is meaningless. For most of the posted game, your advantage was so large that your (and your opponent's) moves didn't even factor into the calculation. When the evaluation is +/- 10, it doesn't even register centipawn loss anymore. Your opponent played horribly.

I think people would be kinder if you didn't show your opponent's ID. It's a lose-lose for chess, I think. Possibly trolling, who knows.

@chessmaster512 Probably a few. I remember even having a 0 ACPL game, but those are either games with a lot of early exchanges and a long drawn out technical endgame or a game that was seriously misplayed by my opponent.
either way 5 ACPL is very good especially for a 1500 player, good job on that. Don't let random people with lots of opinions and little knowledge rain on your parade.

@Morozov 0 acpl! nice job! i mean the game it self wasn't good at all, but the only reason i made this topic is becouse i thought it was cool 5 ACPL

"how many times have all of you got 5 ACPL?"

This isn't an argument. Do you understand the explanation? Your opponent blundered very early, giving you a huge advantage, and more than two-thirds of your moves were made at a point where only an absolutely horrific blunder (probably even more than one) would have had the centipawn loss count toward your average. So you had zero centipawn loss on many moves, not because you played the best move necessarily, but because it was almost impossible for you to increase the average.

To answer your question, I don't bother looking at ACPL because it is so meaningless, so I don't know. But I know I've played games where opponents blundered their queen on the first few moves, so it has surely happened.

There are also lots of other ways this stat becomes unreliable. Your opponent resigned, but what if they continued and it took you another 40 moves of zero centipawn loss to complete the checkmate? Your ACPL would have been approaching zero. The average is even higher because he resigned when he did.

It's a meaningless number. At the very least, your insinuation that low ACPL means good play is not one that is necessarily true. If you think you played well, fine, but ACPL is not the reason.

EDIT: Here I posted an ACPL of 3:

Behold my god-like status. That, or realize it means nothing at all.

Lol how come so many people are getting so aggressive over a game? It might be meaningless to some, but it's an achievement nonetheless.