23 pawn moves in a row

So I decided to try 10 pawn moves in a row in the opening... but why not more?

Sadly after 23 pawn moves I had no more pawns to move, so I had to continue playing normal chess.

True but you have basically 1 second to think in bullet...

I rather miss 3 #1s than lose on time!

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I mean you could also move your knights 23 times in a row in a bullet and lose, what is the significance of this?

An example of why Bullet chess should be called, simply, "bad chess".

I just got a full 22 pawn game (opponent flagged as white on move 23) against a random opponent (rated 2000 too). It's really challenging. I will need some good luck to beat 23. But I feel like 25 is very much doable. Would be crazy to see someone do 30, that's obviously mathematically possible but seems unlikely without cooperation.

I'd say that's the best game ever played on this site