1 tenth of a second per move

I even played games against players who take 1 second from move 55 to move 65, basically 1 tenth of a second per move
How is it possible?
how is it possible to admit a system that does not exist in real life?

what system do they use to make a move in a tenth of a second?
certainly not the mouse I use
this is a discriminatory procedure because a disabled player can never win at the end of the game until the use of these systems is allowed

take it off, chess is an equal game, not a discriminatory game

enter a minimum time to move, so as to block the use of systems that allow you to make 1 move every tenth of a second
this is not a video game

If it only were as cool as a video game.

Don't play speedchess if premoves aren't your thing. Play with increment at least.

You're probably wrong about it being impossible in real life: someone once made 7 moves in 1 second against me. I find it hard to believe that's the fastest possible.

In online chess there's premove, which takes 0 seconds (on Lichess. Some competitors enforce a minimum move time of 0.1 seconds). You can enable it too:

Imagine this, you have .6 seconds on the clock and you have a mate in 13 on the board and it only takes you .4 seconds to spot the mate. Should it be possible for you to win the game. I would argue yes, you should be able to play out any forced mate no matter how long it takes. I feel that instituting a minimum move time penalty would ruin this key part of the game. Why penalize people who are able bodied?

Personally I love that this site does not penalize users for moving fast. I love that the ability of me to move my pieces faster than my opponent is a factor in the game. I enjoying even choosing pieces to move that are closer together so that I can move even faster. In the perfect world I would love if the slowest part of my chess game was my own minds ability to conceive of possible moves.

PS When timing myself I have found that the fastest I can move is about 50 moves in 10 seconds (This is just random moves some people I know are about double me) so with a 150 ping lag compensation I am essentially able to move a speed of .05 seconds per move.

you can make many moves because you have a software that allows you and no neurological disability
this site allows discrimination, authorizes it,
here it is not a question of being better but only faster, and speed depends on components external to personal capacity
I don't lose because my opponent is better, but I lose because my opponent is faster and his speed depends on the software and harware he has
I too with my disability will go faster and faster than Bolt if I use the car to compete with him
this does lichess
authorizes this brutal technological and human discrimination

I went to the address you gave me but I can't find where to enter the minimum time of the move.

how do you do it?

You can only enable premove functionality, not the 0.1s timer. Premove is when you move when your opponents clock is running. If you are having trouble with the speed, try playing with 1 second increment perhaps?

I meant you can enable premove, to be able to make 0-second moves yourself. There's no minimum move time on Lichess.