My top secret

From now on every time Avetik introduces new people in his articles, I will instantly be confused whether they are real or not...

This was an interesting article.

When I wear my teaching gee instead of my normal gee when I teach karate I am completely changed.

Perhaps this isn’t the best comparison but this is kind of like wearing the brown scapular or even a religious habit. When someone dresses like a Saint it reminds them what they are trying to do.

In other words people haven’t recently been doing this even though it has only recently become popular.

@Avetik_ChessMood , you are reported for cheating.
Anyways, jokes aside, thank you for this technique.
I am pretty sure that this is a good technique

You really had me at some point, now i get it... what is neede to become a real master... I guess its not just friends and imagination, but the spirit, the belief... and which touched me most, the heart, applause to you, you are great.