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FM Enis Zuferi

If you wanna be a GM, you have to think like one...but first you need to think like a FM.

LocationHeilbronn Germany
LanguagesDeutsch, Shqip, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 238724412509
Hourly rate27€
AvailabilityNot accepting students at the moment

About me

Hi, I'm Enis, a 28 year old chess player from Germany who's currently a university student. Chess is a big passion of mine. It's been a part of me since I was 8 years old.

While I try to get the IM title before I have to work a normal job which would result in losing a lot of time to work on my own chess, I also love to work with other people to make them stronger.
My peak Elo rating is 2387 from March 2023.

Playing experience

I can look back at a tournament experience of nearly 140 tournaments. My biggest win is beating GM Cornette after in the 2nd Bundesliga 2022-23. I also beat several other GMs in classical, rapid and blitz games.

Probably my best tournament ever was playing in the 2017-18 season of Oberliga Wuerttemberg (3rd highest league in Germany where my local club plays in). I achieved 6 points (+3, =6) against 2 GMs, 2 IMs, 3 FMs and 2 non-titled players with an Elo average of 2362, resulting in a 2502 performance.

Teaching experience

I don't have any chess-related diplomas regarding teaching, sadly. But I graduated from university in a "Bachelor of Education" degree course since my goal is to become a teacher for secondary schools. My subjects are Physics and Maths. Currently I'm enrolled in a "Master of Education" degree course. Therefore I've learnt a lot of theory about teaching which I've already used in an internship at a school.

Also I've been working as a teacher for the group of younger students in my local chess club since September 2013. Besides that, I currently teach three individual younger players to help them reach their goals. The youngest of them managed to qualify for the World Cadet Chess Championship U-08 after being coached for months by me. He followed that up with participating in the European Youth Championships in 2020 and 2021. This year he managed to get 3rd place in the boys' U-12 group.

Best skills

I'm very critical of my own play and look for possible improvements in most of my games. This allows me to present a fresh perspective to my students which especially helps when they feel stuck in their development.

Since I'm close to finishing my studies to become a high school teacher for Physics and Maths, I feel like I'm pretty well equipped in terms of patience and having an analytical approach to things.

Teaching methodology

I encourage students to analyze their games without an engine and find own ideas to discuss them. The critical thinking process is necessary to improve your own play.
In the first lessons, I like to estimate the tactical skill level of the students via various exercises. Also I'm very keen on building a good opening repertoire for the student both with White and Black.