FM jonashacker1 Lichess coach picture

FM Jonas Hacker

Helping you to understand chess better!

Location Germany
LanguagesDeutsch, English, svenska, русский язык
RatingFIDE: 23552430240725541796
Hourly rateContact me
CM Pawnstructures Lichess coach picture

CM Richard Persson

"The pawnstructure is the most important factor to determine the nature of a game"

Location Sweden
LanguagesEnglish, svenska
RatingFIDE: 21062282214723392165
Hourly rate25$
FM FedaMaster Lichess coach picture

FM Deniz Arman

FM Deniz Arman - Professional Chess Coach & Trainer (From Beginner up to 2200 level)

Location Sweden
LanguagesEnglish, Türkçe, svenska, Deutsch
RatingFIDE: 2350255524212479
Hourly rate30 Dollars Per Hour
CM cantosh Lichess coach picture

CM Can Kabadayi

If you can't explain it to your grandmother, you don't understand it well enough

Location Sweden
LanguagesEnglish, svenska, Türkçe
RatingFIDE: 219324002394225123081971
Hourly rate25 $
FM Stormeman100100 Lichess coach picture

FM Isak Storme

Good training is fun training

LocationGöteborg Sweden
LanguagesEnglish, svenska, Norsk bokmål
Hourly rate25 euros, 250 SEK, less for training games
FM backinaction Lichess coach picture

FM Mladen Gajic

you are your own worst enemy

LocationMalmö Sweden
Languagessvenska, English, Српски језик
RatingFIDE: 2367257024402340
Hourly rate15-25 euro
IM manitodeplomo Lichess coach picture

IM Daniel Barria Zuñiga

jugador y entrenador profesional, disponible para apoyarte y trabajar en tu repertorio, si deseas competir oficialmente.

LocationSantiago de Chile Chile
Languagesespañol, English, svenska
RatingFIDE: 248924702607230420311807
Hourly rate30 euros. pack 4 hours/100 euros
IM MPGM Lichess coach picture

IM Milton Pantzar

Level doesn´t matter. Ambition does.

Location Sweden
LanguagesEnglish, svenska, Norsk bokmål
Hourly rate25 euro, 250 SEK
IM Knights4base Lichess coach picture

IM Vladimir Poley

Educating in English, Russian, Swedish and Polish. Running own chess Champions school in Stockholm, producing junior Swedish Champions every year.

Locationstockholm Sweden
Languagessvenska, English, русский язык, polski
RatingFIDE: 232025382570
Hourly rate47USD ,price per lesson 60 minutes, discount from 10 hours
FM baby_leo Lichess coach picture

FM laith Alwaeli

My passion is helping chess players of all levels improve and establish a path to improvement

Location Iraq
Languagessvenska, العربية, English
Hourly rateLesson 20$/hour, training games 15$/hour. PGN files for any opening.