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Top chess coaches

Kaczoreczek lichess coach

Piotr Kaczorowski

Dyplomowany trener (dokładny i cierpliwy), autor 5 książek i kilkuset artykułów szachowych, prowadzi klub Szachowy Uniwersytet.

Location Warszawa, Poland
Languages Polski, English, Pусский, Deutsch
Rating FIDE: 2056, 2353 2344 2317
Hourly rate Dwa złote za minutę
Availability Not accepting students at the moment
WFM Enchanteur lichess coach

WFM Cherry Ann Mejia

Let me help YOU improve your chess knowledge. 🏆

Location Manila, Philippines
Languages Filipino, English
Rating 2089 2218 2003 1975 1664
Hourly rate $5.5
Availability Accepting students
FM darkhorse_98 lichess coach

FM Yuriy Krykun

Highly motivated and hardworking students are welcome!

Location Kyiv, Ukraine
Languages English, French, Russian, Ukrainian
Rating FIDE: 2372, 2320 2319 2454
Hourly rate Negotiable per hour, monthly programs/discounts are designed as well
Availability Accepting students
IM Asaf_Givon lichess coach

IM Asaf Givon

Fun and educational chess learning experience.

Location kfar saba, Israel
Languages english, russian, hebrew
Rating FIDE: 2470, 2393 2644 2421 2402 2247
Hourly rate Different programs. Please contact for info
Availability Accepting students
IM Falkenauge lichess coach

IM Radek Gajek

cheap coaching for players on all levels

Location Vienna, Austria
Languages Deutsch, English,Pусский
Rating FIDE: 2471, 2526 2581 2559 1862
Hourly rate 1h single lesson-10€ or 12,50$ Trial lessons are NOT free. 10h pack- 85€ or 100$.I also accept payments in other currencies. Just ask.
Availability Accepting students
IM jsdbv lichess coach

IM Jorge Bobadilla

El mejor entrenador de ajedrez es uno mismo ( Petrosian ), asi que !aprende como entrenarte!

Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Languages Español
Rating FIDE: 2336, 2457 2179 1947
Hourly rate 15$ (incluye material y seguimiento)
Availability Accepting students
WIM Cami3 lichess coach

WIM Camelia Ciobanu

Chess is like dancing, you need the right partner in order to improve! :)

Location Emerald Coast, Italy
Languages English, Italian, Romanian
Rating FIDE: 2136, 2086 1767
Hourly rate To be advised
Availability Accepting students
WNM jeaniiiusk lichess coach

WNM Jean Karen Enriquez

It's learning at the heart of CHESS.

Location Marikina, Philippines
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 1955, 2055 2072 2127 1831
Hourly rate $9 for 90 mins
Availability Accepting students
NM Mr_Penings lichess coach

NM Daniel He

Specializing in planning the attack and improving your tactical vision (1000+ USCF preferred)

Location Rochester, NY, United States
Languages English
Rating 2507 2552 2370 2216 2216 2215
Hourly rate $35
Availability Accepting students
IM Aronian1111 lichess coach

IM Ahmad Alkhatib

" (Baby steps, Baby steps) consistency is the key of success."

Location Amman, Jordan
Languages English/ Arabic
Rating FIDE: 2355, 2274 2112 2252 1529
Hourly rate ( 20$/h .. 100$/6h) / (Paypal) / contact: +962775865162 /
Availability Accepting students