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Top chess coaches

NM Teho120 lichess coach

NM Samuel He

Experienced coaching at affordable prices!

Location Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Languages English
Rating 2657 2299 2212 2299
Availability Accepting students
GM Pap-G lichess coach

GM Gyula Pap

Coaching and training games for players between 1800-2400

Location Hungary
Languages English,Hungarian
Rating FIDE: 2535, 2653 2553 2263
Hourly rate Training games 15€/hour, Lessons 25€/hour
Availability Accepting students
IM Falkenauge lichess coach

IM Radek Gajek

cheap coaching for players on all levels

Location Wien , Austria
Languages Deutsch, English,Pусский
Rating FIDE: 2444, 2602 2650 2572 1862
Hourly rate 10€ or 12,50$
Availability Accepting students
GM GMVallejo lichess coach

GM Francisco Vallejo Pons

Universal Chess Style

Location Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Languages English / Español / Italiano
Rating FIDE: 2717, 2647 2287
Hourly rate 80/100
Availability Accepting students
IM RenierChess lichess coach

IM Renier Castellanos

If I did it, you can, too.

Location Javea Alicante, Spain
Languages Spanish, English
Rating FIDE: 2501, 2645
Hourly rate Starting from $24/hr. Ask conditions
Availability Accepting students
IM Fins lichess coach

IM John Bartholomew


Location Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2455, 2633 2542 2444 2129
Availability Not accepting students at the moment
GM Lunaticx lichess coach

GM Peter Michalik

Every student needs individual approach and you will find it here.

Location Praha, Czechia
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2551, 2670 2499
Hourly rate 50$
Availability Accepting students
NM kathiyitis lichess coach

NM Petros Karagianis

Professional, Fun Chess Trainer

Location Bloomington, IL, United States
Languages English, French
Rating 2348 2436 2628 2287 2091 2155
Hourly rate $50/hr, with discounts available for multiple or regular students
Availability Accepting students
IM leomessi_23 lichess coach

IM Marcin Krzyzanowski

We are not here to take part, we are here to take over

Location Rybnik, Poland
Languages Polish, English
Rating FIDE: 2453, 2607 2377
Hourly rate 25€
Availability Accepting students
IM juanarmando lichess coach

IM Juan Armando Röhl Montes

Chess is a wonderful activity! I hope to share with my dear students! El Ajedrez es una maravillosa actividad! que espero compartir con mis queridos alumnos!

Location Caracas, Venezuela
Languages Spanish and English
Rating FIDE: 2372, 2605 2389 2441
Hourly rate 15$ per Hour Contact:
Availability Accepting students