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Top chess coaches

IM Paramos lichess coach

IM Roberto Páramos

Talent + work = success!

Location Vigo (Galicia), Spain
Languages English, spanish and portuguese
Rating FIDE: 2394, 2704 2211 2706
Hourly rate 90€ / h (lesson & homework)
Availability Not accepting students at the moment
GM winamp lichess coach

GM Gennady Matjushin

More analysis, fewer standard training puzzles. You can solve puzzles without paying coaching services. Currently available only for training games.

Location Ukraine
Languages English(understandable), Russian, Ukrainian.
Rating FIDE: 2421, 2702 2603
Hourly rate 22 $ for 80 min of training games
Availability Not accepting students at the moment
GM Zkid lichess coach

GM Steven Zierk

Practiced expert in fixing chess weaknesses.

Location United States
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2491, 2673 2699
Hourly rate $80/hour
Availability Accepting students
IM Fins lichess coach

IM John Bartholomew


Location Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2455, 2690 2542 2444 2129
Availability Not accepting students at the moment
GM Kelevra317 lichess coach

GM Daniil Lintchevski

Тренер — ключ к успеху, которым ученик должен умело воспользоваться!

Location Санкт-Петербург, Russia
Languages русский
Rating FIDE: 2519, 2687 2637
Hourly rate 25€
Availability Accepting students
GM Kastorcito lichess coach

GM Rodrigo Vasquez

Grandmaster Rodrigo Vasquez Grand Master from Chile 2554 Elo rating. I give Chess Lessons, if you are interested tell me or write to

Location santiago, Chile
Languages English Spanish Portuguese
Rating FIDE: 2554, 2681 2671 2120
Hourly rate 50 usd
Availability Accepting students
FM AndreiMacovei lichess coach

FM Andrei Macovei

Individual approach for everyone

Location Chisinau, Moldova
Languages Russian,English,Romanian
Rating FIDE: 2396, 2653 2511
Hourly rate 15€+ (depending on student level)
Availability Accepting students
GM dexter29 lichess coach

GM Anurag Mhamal

It's always fun to learn and teach. Rather than having a fixed approach, I would rather be adaptable to your current need.

Location Goa, India
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2484, 2540 2653 2078
Hourly rate 30 USD. 25 for practice games.
Availability Accepting students
IM Ucitel lichess coach

IM Dejan Stojanovski

Just read reviews from my students.And you will know what to do:)

Location Skopje, Macedonia
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2454, 2518 2646
Hourly rate 250 eur/10 lessons
Availability Accepting students
IM Falkenauge lichess coach

IM Radoslaw Gajek

cheap coaching for players on all levels

Location Vienna, Austria
Languages Deutsch, English,Pусский
Rating FIDE: 2471, 2530 2644 2573 1862
Hourly rate 1h single lesson-10€ or 12,50$ Trial lessons are NOT free. 10h pack- 85€ or 100$.I also accept payments in other currencies. Just ask.
Availability Accepting students