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Top chess coaches

IM Aspomcoin lichess coach

IM Antoine Favarel

Ne me choisissez surtout pas, votre progression risquerait de vous troubler.

Location Reims, France
Languages Français , English ( correct )
Rating FIDE: 2356, 2276 2446 2230
Hourly rate 1h ==> 35 euros ; 10h ==> 300 euros. Base / Exercices / Parties Commentées
Availability Not accepting students at the moment
GM winamp lichess coach

GM Gennady Matjushin

More analysis, fewer standard training puzzles. You can solve puzzles without paying coaching services.

Location Ukraine
Languages English(understandable), Russian, Ukrainian.
Rating FIDE: 2421, 2732 2603
Hourly rate 21-25$ (depends on payment method).
Availability Not accepting students at the moment
WGM Morshynska1 lichess coach

WGM Maryana Huda

Quality professional coaching for all levels, including for players with goals in chess.

Location Morshyn, Ukraine
Languages English, Spanish, Russian, Catalan, Ukrainian
Rating FIDE: 2179, 2255 2053 2119
Hourly rate 15 €
Availability Accepting students
IM leomessi_23 lichess coach

IM Marcin Krzyzanowski

We are not here to take part, we are here to take over

Location Rybnik, Poland
Languages Polish, English
Rating FIDE: 2473, 2603 2530 2192
Hourly rate 25€
Availability Accepting students
FM Blitzking64 lichess coach

FM Gerardo Gracia

La distancia entre tus sueños y la realidad se llama acción

Location Querétaro, Mexico
Languages Español, English
Rating FIDE: 2249, 2157
Hourly rate $10 Hora/Hour
Availability Accepting students
Kaczoreczek lichess coach

Piotr Kaczorowski

Dyplomowany trener (dokładny i cierpliwy), autor 5 książek i kilkuset artykułów szachowych, prowadzi klub Szachowy Uniwersytet.

Location Warszawa, Poland
Languages Polski, English, Pусский, Deutsch
Rating FIDE: 2056, 2324 2308 2249
Hourly rate Dwa złote za minutę
Availability Not accepting students at the moment
FM Sandstad lichess coach

FM Inge Sandstad Skrondal

Location Nerdrum, Norway
Languages Norwegian, English
Rating FIDE: 2270, 2380 2125 2377 2094 1999
Hourly rate € 90 / 750 NOK
Availability Not accepting students at the moment
CM vovaches lichess coach

CM Владимир Михайловский

Chess coach and video blogger

Location Москва, Russia
Languages Rus
Rating FIDE: 2411, 2489 2491 2392 2208 2227
Hourly rate 1000-1200 руб/час
Availability Accepting students
GM saxar85 lichess coach

GM Zahar Efimenko

love chess and success will come!

Location Ukraine
Languages Russian, Ukrainian, English(understandable)
Rating FIDE: 2641, 2571
Hourly rate 60 USD
Availability Accepting students
FM PetarBosnjak lichess coach

FM Petar Bošnjak

From Pawn to King. Start yout journey today.

Location Zagreb, Croatia
Languages Croatian and english
Rating FIDE: 2255, 2382 2360 2305 2104
Hourly rate 1h-30€, 10h-25€/h
Availability Accepting students