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Top chess coaches

NM Mr_Penings lichess coach

NM Daniel He

Specializing in planning the attack and improving your tactical vision (1000+ USCF preferred)

Location Rochester, NY, United States
Languages English
Rating 2507 2554 2370 2216 2216 2215
Hourly rate $35
Availability Accepting students
IM Falkenauge lichess coach

IM Radek Gajek

cheap coaching for players on all levels

Location Vienna, Austria
Languages Deutsch, English,Pусский
Rating FIDE: 2471, 2526 2531 2559 1862
Hourly rate 1h single lesson-10€ or 12,50$ Trial lessons are NOT free. 10h pack- 85€ or 100$.I also accept payments in other currencies. Just ask.
Availability Accepting students
GM Kastorcito lichess coach

GM Rodrigo Vasquez

Grandmaster Rodrigo Vasquez Grand Master from Chile 2554 Elo rating. I give Chess Lessons, if you are interested tell me or write to

Location santiago, Chile
Languages English Spanish Portuguese
Rating FIDE: 2554, 2612 2537 2157 2114
Hourly rate 50 usd
Availability Accepting students
GM Sergey_Kasparov lichess coach

GM Sergey Kasparov

I have coaching experience with players of all levels from beginners. Author of the books: 2012, “The dynamic Benko” pub

Location Mogilev, Belarus
Languages English, Russian
Rating FIDE: 2480, 2578 2004
Hourly rate flexible rate
Availability Accepting students
NM blitzbullet lichess coach

NM Jalen Wang

"The Expert in everything was once a beginner" - Helen Hayes

Location Michigan, United States
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2128, 2461 2632 2654 2564 2267
Hourly rate $40
Availability Accepting students
FM ZibbitVideos lichess coach

FM Ingvar Johannesson

I will teach you the patterns needed to improve your play

Location Reykjavik, Iceland
Languages English, Icelandic
Rating FIDE: 2367, 2394 2321 1996 2272 2190
Hourly rate 40 USD
Availability Accepting students
FM vidalnovich lichess coach

FM Vidal Rodriguez

Subir de nivel hasta la Primera Categoría no es difícil, con un plan de entrenamiento adecuado, constancia y un trabajo psicológico apropiado puedes alcanzarlo...

Location Barcelona, Spain
Languages Español
Rating FIDE: 2275, 1985
Hourly rate 15€ / hora.. Wsp +34 617 65 00 31
Availability Accepting students
IM AstanehChess lichess coach

IM Alex Astaneh Lopez

Methodical and adaptable coaching.

Location Cork, Ireland
Languages English, Spanish
Rating FIDE: 2442, 2475 2404 2628 2444 2237
Availability Not accepting students at the moment
IM NPezelj lichess coach

IM Novak Pezelj

Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy. Chess love for all.

Location Sombor, Serbia
Languages English, Serbian
Rating FIDE: 2476, 2617 2584 1851
Hourly rate 25$
Availability Accepting students
IM maxip32 lichess coach

IM Maximiliano Perez

Trabajo sobre aperturas medio juego y finales.Tambien sobre psicologia en ajedrez!

Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Languages Español
Rating FIDE: 2419, 2471 2306
Hourly rate 20 usd 1h 30 min argentinos consultar.
Availability Accepting students