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Top chess coaches

FM steva23 lichess coach

FM Stevan Jovic

Location Novi Sad, Serbia
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2300, 2333 2056 2145
Hourly rate $15
Availability Accepting students
FM estudia lichess coach

FM Sebastián Fell

"El ajedrez se juega con la mente... ¡no con las manos!", Ilia A. Kahn

Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Languages Español
Rating FIDE: 2343, 2301
Availability Not accepting students at the moment
WGM saraisitave lichess coach

WGM Sarai Sanchez

"La motivación es lo que te pone en marcha, y el hábito es lo que hace que sigas" Jim Ryun

Location Caracas, Venezuela
Languages Español/ Ingles
Rating FIDE: 2181, 1869
Hourly rate 30$/30€
Availability Not accepting students at the moment
borocotoajua00 lichess coach

Matías I.

One method, three words: Exercise, Analyze and Play.

Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Languages English and Spanish
Rating FIDE: 2218, 2426
Hourly rate 20 USD
Availability Accepting students
FM mizant83 lichess coach

FM Aleksandar Randjelovic

Professional, full-time chess coach (notes and homework after each session, free correspondence games & game reviews).

Location Niš, Serbia
Languages English, Serbo-Croatian
Rating FIDE: 2314, 2368 2157
Hourly rate 22 € / 45 min. lesson
Availability Accepting students
LM Lance5500 lichess coach

LM Mr Lance

"Chess is like bodybuilding. If you train every day, you stay in top shape. It is the same with your brain – chess is a matter of daily training." - Vladimir Kramnik

Location Online, Russia
Languages English, Russian
Rating 2458 2612 2623 2082 2329 2382
Hourly rate Similar to famous streamer from Ireland.
Availability Accepting students
GM coachvovk lichess coach

GM Yuri Vovk

Enjoy rational approach to the chess!

Location Lviv, Ukraine
Languages English, Ukrainian, Russian
Rating FIDE: 2603, 2717
Hourly rate 35 USD = 1 hour, 300 USD = 10 hours
Availability Accepting students
WGM Morshynska1 lichess coach

WGM Maryana Huda

Quality professional coaching for all levels, including for players with goals in chess.

Location Morshyn, Ukraine
Languages English, Spanish, Russian, Catalan, Ukrainian
Rating FIDE: 2179, 2255 2138
Hourly rate 15 €
Availability Accepting students
IM Falkenauge lichess coach

IM Radek Gajek

cheap coaching for players on all levels

Location Richmond, Utah, United States
Languages Deutsch, English,Pусский
Rating FIDE: 2444, 2582 2542 2573 1862
Hourly rate 10€ or 12,50$ Trial lessons are NOT free.
Availability Accepting students
NM MarcTheSpark lichess coach

NM Marc Nazario 💎

Certified Trainer - What matters the most is how we "Prepare, Practice, and Perform".

Location Manila, Philippines
Languages British English, American English, Filipino
Rating 2186 2335 2278 2347
Hourly rate $10/hr. (Flexible rate)
Availability Accepting students