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Top chess coaches

Isaev_Anton lichess coach

Anton Isaev

В том-то и состоят шахматы. Сегодня ты даёшь сопернику урок, а завтра он тебе. Роберт Джеймс Фишер

Location Томск, Russia
Languages Русский
Rating FIDE: 2202, 2303 2255 2185 2027 2031
Hourly rate Индивидуально
Availability Accepting students
GM Wolverines1 lichess coach

GM Egor Krivoborodov

Profesional chess coach!

Location Munich, Germany
Languages russian, german, english
Rating FIDE: 2524, 2640 2814 2578 1715 2174
Hourly rate 35€/hour lessons 20€/hour training games
Availability Accepting students
NM HanSchut lichess coach

NM Han Schut

Coach for fearless girls and boys who want to reach for the stars in chess and life!

Location Sarasota, Florida, Netherlands
Languages English, Dutch
Rating FIDE: 2173, 2288 2136
Hourly rate $30
Availability Accepting students
FM agvega14 lichess coach

FM Alejandro González Vega

With your effort,discipline and my professional personalized help, you can reach all your chess goals!

Location Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela, Cuba
Languages Spanish and English
Rating FIDE: 2092, 2154 1972
Hourly rate 10 USD/10 EUR 1 hour or 100USD/100EUR 12 hours
Availability Accepting students
WNM jeaniiiusk lichess coach

WNM Jean Karen Enriquez

It's learning at the heart of CHESS.

Location Marikina, Philippines
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 1955, 2062 2072 2125 1831
Hourly rate $9 for 90 mins
Availability Accepting students
GM coachvovk lichess coach

GM Yuri Vovk

Enjoy rational approach to the chess!

Location Lviv, Ukraine
Languages English, Ukrainian, Russian
Rating FIDE: 2603, 2717
Hourly rate 35 USD = 1 hour, 300 USD = 10 hours
Availability Accepting students
NM kathiyitis lichess coach

NM Petros Karagianis

Professional, Fun Chess Trainer

Location Bloomington, IL, United States
Languages English, French
Rating 2251 2266 2628 2303 2072 2155
Hourly rate $50/hr, with discounts available for multiple or regular students
Availability Accepting students
GM N-Chadaev lichess coach

GM Nikolay Chadaev

Quality before all.

Location Moscow, Russia
Languages English, Russian
Rating FIDE: 2591, 2741 2530
Hourly rate 40$/hr.
Availability Accepting students
NM Mr_Penings lichess coach

NM Daniel He

I will help you improve at all aspects of chess for affordable prices!

Location Rochester, NY, United States
Languages English
Rating 2497 2543 2351 2216 2215
Hourly rate $30
Availability Accepting students
FM andresgv36 lichess coach

FM Andres Guerrero

Entrenamiento de alta calidad. Te ayudo a superarte eficazmente si estas atrapado entre los 1200/1900 de elo. Mejorar rápidamente en ajedrez es posible!

Location Valencia, Venezuela
Languages Español
Rating FIDE: 2321, 2326 2374 2314
Hourly rate 15$/h Online Lesson 10$/hour of games Whatsapp: 0058-4144862617
Availability Accepting students