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Top chess coaches

FM Adipiscitur lichess coach

FM Louie Jiang

Steady incremental progress!

Location Montreal, Canada
Languages English, French and Mandarin
Rating FIDE: 2326,
Hourly rate 30 USD
Availability Accepting students
GM AdriD lichess coach

GM Adrien Demuth

Work until your idols become your rivals!

Location La Rochelle, France
Languages Français English
Rating FIDE: 2542, 2461 2588 2295 2294
Hourly rate 50€
Availability Accepting students
AGMPraveenSagar lichess coach

Praveen Sagar

Experienced Chess Coach & AGM (Arena Grand Master) title holder. I set rating targets and specific goals for each student and track their progress.

Location Bangalore, India
Languages English
Rating 2147 2253 2076
Hourly rate $19 / Hour
Availability Accepting students
FM agvega14 lichess coach

FM Alejandro González Vega

Profesional chess coach ready to up grade your chess skills to master!

Location Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela, Cuba
Languages Spanish and English
Rating FIDE: 2092, 2113 2150
Hourly rate 10 USD/10 EUR 1 hour
Availability Accepting students
FM AjusteSolido lichess coach

FM German Spata

Cursos Intensivos de Ajedrez , adquiri un progreso significativo con el PACK de 12 clases , y aprende a estudiar ajedrez por tu propia cuenta

Location La Plata, Argentina
Languages Español
Rating FIDE: 2323, 2417 2317
Hourly rate 15 US$
Availability Accepting students
FM AlbertoChueca lichess coach

FM Alberto Chueca

I'm Alberto Chueca, FIDE Master, chess coach and architect. I have much experience with children having some of them in the best tops of their categories. Do we start? :)

Location Spain
Languages English and Spanish. Train with a plan, I've got a methodology!
Rating FIDE: 2300,
Hourly rate 27€ (40€/90 minutes). Specialist in develop the talent of the children.
Availability Accepting students
FM AleksandarMilosevic lichess coach

FM Aleksandar Milosevic

With work to titles!

Location Paracin, Serbia
Languages English, Russian, Serbian
Rating FIDE: 2272, 2312 2219 2158
Hourly rate 10-45$ depending on student's strength
Availability Accepting students
IM Alex_Ivanov lichess coach

IM Alex Ivanov

Chess is more that just a game

Location Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Languages Russian, English (intermediate)
Rating FIDE: 2415, 2416 2305
Hourly rate 25$/hour, 200$/10 hours
Availability Accepting students
GM Alexander_Zubov lichess coach

GM Александр Зубов

Глубокое понимание шахмат.

Location Kiev, Ukraine
Languages Русский
Rating FIDE: 2612, 2902 2800 2429
Hourly rate 30 евро/час
Availability Accepting students
GM alexcolovic lichess coach

GM Alex Colovic

Improve your thought processes to improve your results.

Location Skopje, Macedonia
Languages English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Serbian, Macedonian
Rating FIDE: 2443,
Hourly rate 50$
Availability Accepting students