FM czasnaszachy Lichess coach picture

FM Michał Tworuszka

Mistrz szachowy i doświadczony trener udzieli lekcji. Zajęcia online.

Location Poland
GM daro94 Lichess coach picture

GM Dariusz Swiercz

I give lessons! For inquiries, feel free to leave me the message either here on lichess or e-mail me at

LocationSaint Louis United States
LanguagesEnglish, polski
RatingFIDE: 264927792855
Hourly rate$80
IM Nikolaj_6 Lichess coach picture

IM Nikolai Aliavdin

Hi I'm International Master, do negocjacii

Location Poland
Languagespolski, русский язык, English
Hourly rateMy highest rating is 2421
IM chessmasterlviv Lichess coach picture

IM Ihor Nester

I can teach you understand chess and help you grow up as a chess player

LocationLviv Ukraine
Languagesукраїнська, русский язык, English, polski
RatingFIDE: 230025482333
Hourly rate10 euro/hour
IM piongu Lichess coach picture

IM Piotr Nguyen

Fixing bugs in your decision making process :)

LocationWarsaw Poland
LanguagesEnglish, polski
RatingFIDE: 242225762532
Hourly rate35 EUR per 1 hour. Big discounts available for players above 2000 FIDE.
IM itore Lichess coach picture

IM Witalis Sapis

Uczę zrozumienia szachów, głównie poprzez naukę strategii.

LocationSłupsk Poland
RatingFIDE: 2378
Hourly rate25 euro , 100 zł
GM leniart Lichess coach picture

GM Arkadiusz Leniart

Original chess lessons on every level, including adjustment of chess opening repertoire, middlegame strategy and tactics, and how-to-play endgames tutorial.

LocationWarsaw Poland
LanguagesEnglish, polski, русский язык
RatingFIDE: 249924622521
Hourly rate30$-50$
FM leonkiller77 Lichess coach picture

FM Nazar Ustianovich

Experienced trainer for the beginners and intermediate players to be on the good way of professionalism.

LocationSea Poland
LanguagesEnglish, polski, русский язык, українська
RatingFIDE: 237025992599
Hourly rate7 euro per hour
FM Prohorov_Olexandr123 Lichess coach picture

FM IA IO FT Olexandr Prohorov

Make your Dreams come true!

Location Ukraine
Languagesрусский язык, English, polski, українська, čeština, slovenščina
Hourly rate10 EURO/hour or can be flexible, please Contact for details!!!!!!
IM AttackingBeast Lichess coach picture

IM Mateusz Kołosowski

Available for lessons. Follow me on Twitch:

LocationWrocław Poland
LanguagesEnglish, polski
RatingFIDE: 246927482649
Hourly rate30 USD