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FM littleplotkin lichess coach

FM Mark Plotkin

I have been teaching chess for the past 5 years from total beginners, to people with as high a rating as 2200.

Location Toronto, Canada
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2327, 1805 2365 2567 2403 2565 2242
Hourly rate $50 USD
Availability Now accepting students
Contact Send a private message

About me

My name is Mark Plotkin. I'm 19 years old, I go to University of Toronto, and I have been playing chess for the past 15 years. .

Teaching experience

I have been teaching for the past 5 years.
My greatest accomplishment was getting a student from 1700 to 2200 within a span of 1 year.
I have become the Canadian Youth Chess Champion in 2014 for Under 16.
I have competed four different times in the World Youth Chess Championship.
My greatest accomplishment in 1 game was that I beat a 2550 GM with the black pieces. His name was Victor Mikhalevski.
This is the game:

Other experiences

I stream live on twitch occasionally, for semi-educational content on chess and variants.

Best skills

My best skill in teaching is to teach my students to be very active in the game of chess, as well as opening preparation. Secondly, as an aggressive player, another one of my expertise is opening closed positions and attacking. Lastly, the vast amount of online games made me memorize important endgames, such as RvR endgames, QvR endgames, and pawn endgames.

Teaching methodology

I prepare to run my lessons in a unique fashion in comparison with the older coaches. Firstly, I will look at the games from my students, whether it be from online or over the board. After that, we will analyze specific opening and middle game ideas that would best fit their style. Lastly, there will be concrete analysis on how to improve endgame play by looking at very famous positions, in order to understand how to play them.