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IM italian5 lichess coach

IM Vangjel Buli

Expert in Caro-Kann defence and 1.d4 .I help you in theory, strategy and endgames.Ready to play with everyone for training games

Location Florence (Tuscany), Italy
Languages english,italian
Rating 2244 2581
Hourly rate flexible rate
Availability Now accepting students
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About me

I am IM Vangjel Buli, 54 years old ,live in Tuscany ,Italy.I believe with my 48 years experience will learn you many secrets of chess in theory,middlegame and endings!

Teaching experience

I teach my students from 20 years over skype

Other experiences

My best student is now the indian chessplayer IM Visakh,N,R

Teaching methodology

I comment with them all their games.I'll give you suggestions how to play or to change your openings according to your style.Many examples of endings beginning from pawns,rooks, good bishop against knight and vice versa and working hard on theoretical variations.