CM Mistheoretical Lichess coach picture

CM David Balogh

I don't give you what you want, I give you what you need - 100% progress guaranteed!

LocationKisujszallas Hungary
LanguagesEnglish, Magyar
RatingFIDE: 21842375232623521934
Hourly rate15 EUR / 2000 HUF
FM Pleurotus Lichess coach picture

FM David Budai

Unveiling the Secrets of Chess for You. Fun, Inspiration, Creativity. 15 years of experience with kids and adults , from beginner to candidate master (2200) level.

Location Hungary
LanguagesEnglish, Magyar
RatingFIDE: 232222712333
Hourly rate25€/lecture, 10€/training games
NM Denizcan61 Lichess coach picture

NM Denizcan Berkün

Efficient and effective traning

LocationTrabzon Turkey
LanguagesTürkçe, English, Magyar
Hourly rateRates are flexible, traning games with commentary,contact me on lichess to get more info.
WIM chessbia Lichess coach picture

WIM Bianka Havanecz

"Chess is a fairy tale of 1001 blunders."

Location Hungary
LanguagesEnglish, Magyar
RatingFIDE: 225722172313233521212014
Hourly rate€30
WGM cukus Lichess coach picture

WGM Petra Papp

Personal training plan.

Locationszeged Hungary
LanguagesMagyar, English
RatingFIDE: 233326022463
IM CentrumSakkiskola Lichess coach picture

IM Armin Juhasz

Europe's youngest FIDE Trainer

LocationBudapest Hungary
LanguagesMagyar, English
RatingFIDE: 239125612698
Hourly rate50 USD for a private lesson. Potential students have to apply to be a student.
GM AgileSloth Lichess coach picture

GM Peter Prohaszka

"I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it" - Thomas Jefferson

Location Hungary
LanguagesEnglish, Deutsch, Magyar, español
RatingFIDE: 258127572622260022142236
Hourly ratePM me for rates.
GM Pap-G Lichess coach picture

GM Pap Gyula

Seminars without rating limit! For more information please check out

LocationKarlsruhe, Neureut (green area) Germany
LanguagesMagyar, English
RatingFIDE: 253527102742239623042195
Hourly rate7,5€/ hour and less!
FM Kimster98 Lichess coach picture

FM András Dankházi

“Play the opening like a book, the middlegame like a magician, and the endgame like a machine” (Spielmann)

Location Hungary
LanguagesEnglish, Magyar
Hourly ratenegotiable
IM pressive Lichess coach picture

IM Nhat Minh To

I am a very active chess player coaching part time

LocationBudapest Hungary
LanguagesEnglish, Magyar
RatingFIDE: 2352263624302350228323181940
Hourly rate15 euros or 18 dollars/hour I can accept payments on paypal