IM GoodDay2020 Lichess coach picture

IM Tal Haimovich

More than 20 years of coaching of children and others from lower level to master level and above

LocationHerzeliya Israel
Languagesעִבְרִית, English
IM Asaf_Givon Lichess coach picture

IM Asaf Givon

Fun and educational chess learning experience.

LocationTel aviv Israel
LanguagesEnglish, русский язык, עִבְרִית
RatingFIDE: 24702554270825072271
Hourly rateDifferent programs. Please contact for info
FM limerik Lichess coach picture

FM Gleb Kaganskiy

Обучение ведется по всем направлениям-эндшпиль,мительшпиль и дебютная часть.Также проведу анализ ваших партий

LocationRishon le Tsyon Israel
Languagesעִבְרִית, русский язык
RatingFIDE: 229023492320220418211984
Hourly rate40$/hour
FM shak-tank Lichess coach picture

FM shak-tank

"I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."

Location Estonia
LanguagesEnglish, עִבְרִית
Hourly rate1 hour class=35$ / 2 hours class= 65$
IM sherlok7 Lichess coach picture

IM Edward Porper

All It Takes To Win Is To Find A Good Move. And Then Repeat It 40-50 Times!

LocationEdmonton Canada
LanguagesEnglish, עִבְרִית, Deutsch, русский язык
RatingFIDE: 2383
Hourly rateFlexible, Negotiable
GM VMikhalevski Lichess coach picture

GM Victor Mikhalevski

I'm a very experienced coach with more than 25 years of coaching and great results of my students in Junior World, PanAmerican and European Championships

LocationBeersheba Israel
LanguagesEnglish, русский язык, עִבְרִית
RatingFIDE: 256526052219
Hourly rate$80, discount for 2h sessions and long courses. Mess me here if you're interested
IM MKlenburg Lichess coach picture

IM Michael Klenburg (IM)

Fide trainer with 20 years of experience will help you improve your chess

LocationBeer Sheva Israel
Languagesрусский язык, עִבְרִית
RatingFIDE: 234624152233
Hourly rate25 euro per 60 min.
GM MichaelOratovsky Lichess coach picture

GM Michael Oratovsky

GM Michael Oratovsky. Former student of Botvinnik-Kasparov chess school (1986-89) max elo 2588 (2003) Available for lessons. Details: skype mishel7

LocationSalou Spain
Languagesрусский язык, English, español, עִבְרִית
Hourly ratecontact me on WhatsApp +34657861920
GM afarsek Lichess coach picture

GM Ilya Smirin

Hi, I am author of the books "King's Indian warfare" and "Sicilian Warfare". Work as a coach for few years, would be glad to help you to improve.

LanguagesEnglish, русский язык, עִבְרִית
RatingFIDE: 26122596
Hourly rate80 USD