FM navidkhosravi Lichess coach picture

FM Arman Pourghanbarzad

Progress will happen with your efforts , I will share my chess knowledge and experience.

Languagesفارسی, English
RatingFIDE: 232224232602229321471964
Hourly rate15$/Hour ( Lessons , Playing Training Games) .
FM Afshari_M Lichess coach picture

FM Mohammadreza Afshari

FM Mohammadreza Afshari

Location Iran
LanguagesEnglish, русский язык, فارسی
Hourly rate15$ per hour for Teaching and 12$ for training game and analyze
WCM Niusha94 Lichess coach picture

WCM Niusha Afshar

“Even a poor plan is better than no plan at all" Mikhail Chigorin

Location Netherlands
LanguagesEnglish, Nederlands, فارسی
RatingFIDE: 194320661924
Hourly rate€30
FM adnan_nn Lichess coach picture

FM adnan nadimifar

I have been coaching for 14 years and In my resume, I have 4 students who are Asian champions and 6 students, except for the top 5 in Asia.

Locationshiraz Iran
Languagesفارسی, English
Hourly rate30$
FM Yeknafar Lichess coach picture

FM Hadi Ghorbani

The best method for fast progress in the shortest possible time at a reasonable cost along with an interesting way of thinking system to find the best candidate moves in

LocationTehran Iran
Languagesفارسی, English
RatingFIDE: 221824262251
Hourly rate25 $ per hour and 15$ for playing with analysis
GM Fighterman91 Lichess coach picture

GM pouria Darini

Believing in Yourself is the Secret to Success !

LocationKerman Iran
Languagesفارسی, English
RatingFIDE: 24392736261321132270
Hourly rate1 hour class= 30$ - for training games 1 hour = 20$
GM Amirreza_p Lichess coach picture

GM Amirreza Pourramezanali

As the youngest FIDE Senior Trainer, I'll teach you the right way to success and reaching your goals.

LocationRasht Iran
LanguagesEnglish, فارسی
RatingFIDE: 250426292790
Hourly rateplease contact me for more information
FM Iran_Chess_Trainer Lichess coach picture

FM Mehdi MahdaviRad

Enhancing the quality of your games & increase your rating

LocationTehran Iran
Languagesفارسی, English
RatingFIDE: 2212
Hourly rate30$ per one hour lesson & analyze or 10$ per one hour play games...(i accept $, €, BTC & other CryptoCurrency)
FM A_H_Kashefi Lichess coach picture

FM amirhosein kashefi

Reach the top level of chess with us

Locationtehran Iran
Languagesفارسی, English
RatingFIDE: 2303250725382626242321272182
Hourly rate1 hour training $20 1 hour training game $ 10 دوستان ایرانی باهام در ارتباط باشند قیمت برای ایرانیا فرق داره😉🙏
IM nimajavanbakht Lichess coach picture

IM Nima Javanbakht

Chess is more than just a board-game! Learn how to think "systematically" both in "chess" and "life", to become a genuine and powerful "Chess Thinker".

LocationSingapore Iran
LanguagesEnglish, فارسی
RatingFIDE: 2472257925442208
Hourly rateSend a message