CM jarnott Lichess coach picture

CM Jonathan Arnott

Learn 'why', not just 'what'!

LocationSheffield United Kingdom
RatingFIDE: 2128231621842443233619481715
Hourly rate£20-£25 depending on level of preparation required
WIM Ruchess27 Lichess coach picture

WIM Rucha Pujari

Dedicated Chess Player and Trainer

Location India
RatingFIDE: 224423682332242624052065
Hourly rateCurrently not accepting new students
FM ViniciusRego Lichess coach picture

FM Vinicius Rego

Improve your Chess with me!

LocationRio de Janeiro Brazil
LanguagesEnglish, Português
RatingFIDE: 230124272389
Hourly rate $12 per hour. ITt's Black Friday!
GM Davor_Rogic Lichess coach picture

GM Davor Rogic

Coaching on human way and teaching how to play classical chess.

Location Croatia
LanguagesEnglish, hrvatski
RatingFIDE: 249224442480
Hourly rate40€/1 hour; 350€/12 hours Email:
FM steva23 Lichess coach picture

FM Stevan Jovic

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new!

LocationNovi Sad Serbia
LanguagesEnglish, Српски језик
RatingFIDE: 23002434223918972014
Hourly rate$25
IM GoodDay2020 Lichess coach picture

IM Tal Haimovich

More than 20 years of coaching of children and others from lower level to master level and above

LocationHerzeliya Israel
Languagesעִבְרִית, English
IM jsequera Lichess coach picture

IM Josè Rafael Sequera Paolini

Bien, si quieres ser Campeòn Mundial o simplemente ganarle a un amigo, ten en mente que: "Si puedes soñarlo, puedes lograrlo"

LocationCataluña Spain
Languagesespañol, English
RatingFIDE: 2402247021592201
Hourly rate20 - 35 euros dependiendo de los niveles y otros factores
WCM Mirz31 Lichess coach picture

WCM Mira Mirano

Chess is about 3Ds building your determination, discipline and dedication to win in the game

LocationAklan Philippines
RatingFIDE: 18032214211622081879
Hourly rate7$ per hour
GM NguyenDucHoa Lichess coach picture

GM Duc Hoa Nguyen

Play chess for the love not for the win!

Locationhochiminh city Vietnam
LanguagesEnglish, Tiếng Việt
RatingFIDE: 2406256625142140
Hourly ratenegotiable
IM Gorbaev Lichess coach picture

IM Dusan Jovanovic

"I always felt sorry for people who don'n know how to play chess, because chess, like love, like music, has the power to make men happy." Siegbert Tarrasch

LocationBelgrade Serbia
LanguagesEnglish, Српски језик, hrvatski, bosanski
RatingFIDE: 240425282190
Hourly rate20 euros (25 dollars)