GM Puli1234 Lichess coach picture

GM Ankit Rajpara

Learn to work on your strengths and weaknesses to elevate your game to the next level!

Location India
Hourly rateCompetitive Rates, message me for further information
AvailabilityNot accepting students at the moment
GM JuanCGlez Lichess coach picture

GM Juan Carlos Gonzalez Zamora

Available just for practical gaming sessions at any rhythm

LocationMerida, Yucatan Mexico
Languagesespañol, English
RatingFIDE: 254025422485
Hourly rate 20 dollars or euros an hour, and 30 two hours of play, Contact me at +5219991584390, payment methods: transferwise or PayPal
AvailabilityAccepting students
FM newbie87 Lichess coach picture

FM Alessandro Santagati

Completely customized program

LocationCatania Italy
LanguagesItaliano, English
RatingFIDE: 231922942300
Hourly rateContact me
AvailabilityAccepting students
FM amazingatlas Lichess coach picture

FM Nicholas Van Der Nat

My passion is helping chess players of all levels improve and establish a path to improvement

Location United States
RatingFIDE: 23622446
Hourly rateContact for rates and bulk booking discounts
AvailabilityAccepting students
WNM orlovachess Lichess coach picture

WNM Yelizaveta Orlova

One of Canada's top female players (retired now). 2x Canadian Women's Team member, 6x Provincial Champion, 4x National Champion!

LocationVancouver Canada
RatingFIDE: 1894147218801932
Hourly rate$40 CAD /1h $70 CAD / 2h
AvailabilityAccepting students
CM milignus Lichess coach picture

CM Oniel Revilla

Don't wish it was easier, wish you were BETTER. Don't wish for less problems, wish for more SKILLS. Don't wish for less challenge, wish for more WISDOM

Location Venezuela
LanguagesEnglish, español
RatingFIDE: 2226227925071801
Hourly rate$10 + Paypal fee an hour;
AvailabilityAccepting students
FM CACHS Lichess coach picture

FM Carlos Alberto Chávez Suárez

El ajedrez es como la vida, si aprendes ajedrez aprendes a vivir

Location Cuba
RatingFIDE: 22662421
Hourly rate$10/hora whatsapp: +53 53982820
AvailabilityAccepting students
IM RCSA007 Lichess coach picture

IM Roberto Carlos Sánchez Alvarez

Quien se arriesga puede perder, quien no arriesga perderá

LocationCentroamérica Panama
RatingFIDE: 240924152461
Hourly rate$30 per hour, more than 1 student, can improve the price.
AvailabilityAccepting students
CM brizuelar Lichess coach picture

CM Reivis Brizuela

No Tienes que ser el mejor para comenzar, pero tienes que Comenzar para ser el mejor

LocationMaracay Estado Aragua Venezuela
Languagesespañol, English, Português
RatingFIDE: 220523252378225819352036
Hourly ratecontact me WhatsApp +58 4123552663
AvailabilityAccepting students
FM Nemo_Nobody Lichess coach picture

FM Riste Menkinoski

100% Chess!

LocationBangkok, Thailand North Macedonia
LanguagesEnglish, македонски јази, Српски језик, hrvatski
RatingFIDE: 2305235324212262
Hourly rate20$ per hour
AvailabilityNot accepting students at the moment