CM juancruzariasTDF Lichess coach picture

CM Juan Cruz Arias

Aprende a entrenar y estudiar ajedrez para alcanzar tus objetivos. Learn to train and study chess to reach your goals.

Location Argentina
LanguagesEnglish, español
RatingFIDE: 2277255326542329256319552251
Hourly rateNegociables - Negotiable
NM SebisSeba Lichess coach picture

NM Sebastian Korman

I am a National Master from Finland. I can help you to understand chess deeper and improve your skills systemically, fast and effectively.

Location Finland
LanguagesEnglish, suomen kieli
RatingFIDE: 22212414
Hourly rate25 €
WIM Makalexa Lichess coach picture

WIM Aleksandra Makarenko

Никогда не поздно начать играть в шахматы!

Location Russia
Languagesрусский язык, English
RatingFIDE: 220022582123
Hourly rate1500р/ 20$
NM self_service Lichess coach picture

NM Stephen Adams

Take the guess out of chess!

LocationIndiana United States
Hourly rate$30/hour
IM zmeeed Lichess coach picture

IM Boris Abrashkin

тренер от Бога

LocationSamara Russia
Languagesрусский язык
RatingFIDE: 240724522588
Hourly rate1200р-60мин
FM BillieJoe Lichess coach picture

FM Jari Järvenpää

I help you to build up positional style! That is the most crucial basis of improvement. With 2500 rapid rating I am also a good opponent to play with!

LocationTampere Finland
Languagessuomen kieli, English
RatingFIDE: 227424012508242523021974
Hourly rate20 euros of analysis, 14 euros of playing games.
GM Davjan Lichess coach picture

GM David Arutinian

Fide Senior Trainer

LocationTbilisi Georgia
Languagesрусский язык
RatingFIDE: 255127342625
IM AdrianPetrisor92 Lichess coach picture

IM Adrian Petrisor

“I am convinced, the way one plays chess always reflects the player’s personality. If something defines his character, then it will also define his way of playing.”

LocationTimisoara Romania
LanguagesRomână, English
RatingFIDE: 240424942538
Hourly rateOnly 15 $ / 1h ( discount 10h + lessons )
FM Aliakbarov_Anar Lichess coach picture

FM Anar Aliakbarov

Self-discipline is a key to success

LocationIstanbul Turkey
LanguagesTürkçe, English, русский язык, Azərbaycanca
RatingFIDE: 221925432531240721782015
Hourly rate15 $
FM spyker27 Lichess coach picture

FM Rishpal singh

Want to improve your game strength?

Location India
LanguagesEnglish, हिन्दी, हिंदी
RatingFIDE: 231422352263
Hourly rateUSD 20$