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CM ReinaldoR lichess coach

CM Reinaldo Rodríguez

Believe in yourself and build the foundation of that trust

Location Valencia, Venezuela
Languages English and Spanish
Rating FIDE: 2155, 2353 2315
Hourly rate 10$/Hour / Contact
Availability Now accepting students
Contact Send a private message

About me

Hi. Thank you for reviewing my profile, my name is Reinaldo Rodríguez professional chess player in my native country. Currently dedicated to the teaching and dissemination of chess through online media. You can contact me through my networks:
Mail and skype
WS 0058-4244370718

Playing experience

Professional chess player from 11 years of age. Being my initial trainer the International Master José Sequera Paolini from which I learned the basic concepts and the training methodology needed to become national champion of my country in different categories, later attending various Pan-American championships. Subsequently I continue my training with the International Master Alberto Barreras obtaining the Candidate Master Title in 2015, year in which I participated in the national championship of the highest category in my country to select the Olympic representatives.

Teaching experience

Experience as a personal trainer and chess diffuser for 9 years when I started working with students of school stage. Later I had the opportunity to work with some students of online school exchange being this a highly rewarding experience since the game of chess can create a common link between different cultures and personalities resulting in a community with better values of acceptance and tolerance. As a personal trainer I want to not only be a participant in the progress of my students, but also the teaching process represents for him a pleasant time in an environment of respect and trust.

Other experiences

Medical Doctor
University Professor of Medicine
Specialist in Diagnostic Imaging

Teaching methodology

The training methodology is individualized for each player since each one has weaknesses and strengths which must be identified to design a specific training plan according to the needs of the students. The analysis of own games is a key element to achieve these objectives. Additionally I consider that the practice is as essential as learning and achieving a balance between both facets is extremely important, therefore part of the training consists of training games and their subsequent detailed analysis.