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FM Kamil Plichta

Psychology and opening preparation specialist. Individual approach. Author of 3 opening courses for

LocationKoszalin Poland
LanguagesEnglish, Polish
RatingFIDE: 235325742854232122292213
Hourly rate40€/60 minutes
AvailabilityAccepting students

About me

My name is Kamil Plichta. I am 28 years old FIDE Master from Poland. On 1.01.2018 I crossed classical chess 2400 FIDE rating while gaining the 1st International Master norm. Feel free to contact me here on lichess or hit me through my e-mail -

Playing experience

I play chess for over 16 years. During that period I've never had a coach and I tried to achieve everything on my own. I won over 100 tournaments in Poland and abroad.

My biggest achievements are:
1. Classical Chess - winning the Vasylyshyn Memorial 2017 in Lviv where I made my first IM
- beating GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis (2580) in Polish Ekstraliga 2018
- winning Kowalewo Pomorskie 2016 in Poland with 2550 performance
- beating the most successful player of polish chess, the legend GM
Włodzimierz Schmidt simply by the opening preparation
2. Rapid and Blitz Chess - 2nd place in Polish Blitz Championship 2018
- I have over 40 over the board wins over grandmasters including GM's Istratescu, Gajewski, Dziuba, Dragun, Tomczak, Piorun, Bartel, Gdański, Soćko, Miśta, Heberla, Tazbir, Cyborowski, Jakubiec, Jakubowski, Warakomski, Schmidt, Zezulkin, Jaracz, Pakleza, Fargere, Kanarek, Grabarczyk, Simantsev, Maksimenko, Volodin and many more which now I can't recall.
3. Online Chess - The most important for me are victories in mini-matches against GM's Kovalenko (twice) and Artemiev (number 3 in the world in blitz now). In August 2019 I managed to beat twice the #1 ranked blitz player in the world Hikaru Nakamura in 3+0 games. - this is my favourite victory.

A few days later I played a long match against the world's finest GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda and managed to score 21 points out of 82 games with 17 wins.

Teaching experience

- I am teaching chess for more than 3 years with some breaks
- Head coach of juniors from the Hetman Koszalin club in Poland
- I am also an opening second of few polish grandmasters for over 3 years

Other experiences

- streaming my games on lichess quite often --->
- writing articles about the King's Indian Defence to polish chess magazine "MAT"
- opening second of few polish grandmasters
- finished the Polish Chess Instructor's course in November 2018
- in 2019 I abandoned my daily job and started full-time chess-related work. As a result, I created three opening courses for the platform Chessable:
1. The Trompowsky for White -
2. The 1.d4 d5 and minor lines for White -
3. The King's Indian Attack for White -

I work full time on Chessable while also coaching online and live.

Best skills

- I will help you in whatever aspect you need. My biggest strengths are the psychological approach to chess and building an opening repertoire.

- It doesn't matter what openings you want to play. Even if I don't have huge experience in some lines, I will do everything to prepare you to play and most importantly UNDERSTAND them. I saw many coaches try to tell students what openings to play. That's the wrong way.

- If I play Slav and Caro-Kann and you want to play sharp lines, what's the point? Do you want sharp lines? No problem. Do you want positional/technical repertoire? OK, I will do whatever you need.

Teaching methodology

When you book a 60 minutes lesson with me it doesn't mean my work will last these 60 minutes. I need to prepare topics, a warm-up puzzle, homework and it takes me usually between 75-90 minutes. During our first lesson, I will identify your biggest strengths and weaknesses by checking some games of yours. Then we will talk about the future plan for your improvement. There is no golden rule on what to do to help others. Every person has his own personal style and my job is to find the best way specifically for you.

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