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IM IMAndrasToth lichess coach

IM Andras Toth

No nonsense coaching, persenally tailored, you get value for your money

Location Australia, Australia
Languages English, Hungarian
Rating FIDE: 2377, 2387 2355 2494 2287 1909
Hourly rate 55 AUD
Availability Now accepting students
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About me

IM Andras Toth

International master from Hungary, living in Australia. 35 Years old.

Playing experience

Stopped playing at the age 25 and turned towards coaching, heavily influenced by my own amazing coach, Fide Trainer Laszlo Hazai.

Teaching experience

I am 2 times Hungarian Junior Champion,
Team captain of the Australian Women's Team at the 2008 Dresden Olympiad.
Coach of the year in Australia in 2007

Other experiences

Have been coaching for 10 years,
Coached: - The winning team of the 2007 Australian Primary school championship
- Andrew Brown, went from 1700 to IM title under my coaching,
- Junta Ikeda went from 1900 to Australian Junior champion, IM norm (later became an IM)

Best skills

Used to stream a fair bit, just restarted my youtube channel where I am regularly posting quality educational content.

Teaching methodology

No nonsense, straight to the point coaching, tailored to the needs of each individual student.. Thorough game analysis, lots of tactical and endgame focus. I provide opening files for every single opening I teach.