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GM CCSCATL lichess coach

GM Ben Finegold

Learn From the Best Coach and Start Your Road to Master

Location Duluth, GA, United States
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2488, 2582 2339 1776
Hourly rate 100 per hour, 450 for five hours, 850 for ten
Availability Not accepting students at the moment
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About me

49 years old, Co-founder of the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Atlanta, USA. I have been teaching chess to individuals, classes, and camps for over 30 years. I have played in 9 US Championships and have tied for first place in the World Open, US Open (twice), National
Open (twice), and Chicago Open. Two of my students have gone from 1100 USCF when we started to over 2400 and 2500 USCF (FM Matthew Larson and IM Atulya Shetty). I teach all levels and ages, from Beginner to Master.

Playing experience

US Championship, US Open, World Open, Chicago Open, National Open. I have played chess in 10 countries and over 30 states. I have taught chess camps in more than ten states and over 100 people in private lessons and thousands in camps and classes. My YouTube videos have been seen by hundreds of thousands. I have USCF and/or FIDE rated wins against GMs Caruana, Ehlvest, deFirmian, Rohde, Lenderman, Mikhalevski, Browne, Shulman, Hodgson, Kaidanov, Yermolinsky, Krush, Alejandro Ramirez, Sevian, Corrales, Gelfand, Eric Hansen, Miles, Bronstein, Antal, Sherzer, Vladimir Georgiev, Sosonko, Chandra, van der Sterren, Friedel, Benjamin, Anka, Kudrin, Dmitriy Gurevich, Sevillano, Becerra, Fishbein, Troff, Priyadharshan, Khachiyan, Alexander Ivanov, Molner, Kreiman, Blatny, Palac, Kuljasevic, Hellers, Tukmakov, Vogt, Romero, Vaisser, Renet, and many more.

Teaching experience

I've played rated chess for 43 years. I am a Grandmaster and have taught chess to hundreds in the USA and have coached most of America's top youth players in the 2012-2016 World Youth Championships. My best students are IM Atulya Shetty, and, currently, FM Matthew Larson.

Other experiences

I have made instructional videos for ICC,,, and my own YouTube channel. Currently starting a channel for the CCSCATL which will have dozens of videos soon. I have been a live audience commentator for the US Championships and Sinquefield Cup in Saint Louis. I also gave live commentary on the internet for the US Junior Championships from 2011-2016. Many live commentary gigs for

Teaching methodology

I teach each student based on their needs. I teach how to see opponents ideas and threats and how to play better in all phases of the game.

Youtube videos from my channel