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IM Brandon Clarke

Location England
RatingFIDE: 2445278424342672273923362233
Hourly rate£40
AvailabilityAccepting students

About me

IM Brandon Clarke, 25 years old from England. Currently accepting students of all levels

U2500: PRO Chess League MVP

Check out my website for more information about me:

Playing experience

New Zealand Champion
Australian Blitz Champion
British U15 Champion
UK Chess Challenge Winner
Represented Australian Kangaroos in the PRO Chess League
Represented England at both the World & European Youth Championships


Teaching experience

1 year teaching for Academic Chess (California, USA)

2 years teaching for Sydney Academy of Chess (Sydney, Australia)

8+ years private coaching experience

Best skills

Opening Repertoire
Middlegame Plans
Endgame Theory


Teaching methodology

I develop a unique approach for all of my students in order to best help them reach their desired goal(s). Including a tailored interactive repertoire, along with studies covering all the content we go through during a lesson and even homework to get you progressing at the fastest rate possible.

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Public studies

🔥Refute: Stafford Gambit! 🔥

95 • IM Biranidun •
  1. Stafford Gambit: 6...h5 - Main Line
  2. Stafford Gambit: 6...Ng4
  1. IM Biranidun

🔥 Refute: Englund Gambit 🔥

30 • IM Biranidun •
  1. The Move Order
  2. The Trap
  3. The Refutation
  1. IM Biranidun

Minor Piece Endgames

14 • IM Biranidun •
  1. Exercise 1
  2. Exercise 2
  3. Exercise 3
  4. Exercise 4
  1. WFM SarahLongson
  2. IM Biranidun
  3. FM rowrulz
  4. Norritt

Caught in the Middle

4 • IM Biranidun •
  1. Lead in Development: Blackburne-Shilling Gambit
  2. Momentum: Morphy v Duke of Brunswick
  3. Momentum: Morra Gambit
  4. Momentum: Evans Gambit
  1. WFM SarahLongson
  2. IM Biranidun
  3. FM rowrulz

Blowing up the House

8 • IM Biranidun •
  1. Weakest Point: Byrne v Fischer
  2. Strongest Point: Fischer v Reshevsky
  3. Fianchetto: Sicilian Dragon
  4. Greek Gift: French Defence
  1. WFM SarahLongson
  2. IM Biranidun
  3. FM rowrulz