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FM Adipiscitur lichess coach

FM Louie Jiang

Steady incremental progress!

Location Montreal, Canada
Languages English, French and Mandarin
Rating FIDE: 2326,
Hourly rate 30 USD
Availability Now accepting students
Contact Send a private message

About me

I am 23 years old, currently a student. I have been playing chess for about 18 years, and for last two years I have been privately coaching students.

I live in Montreal, QC, Canada.

You can reach me at

Playing experience

I love chess and have been playing it for the last 18 years, progressing through the ranks with a self-taught system focusing on tactical evaluation.

Teaching experience

I created my own curriculum and learned very carefully at every step and have been teaching for 3 years now.

Other experiences

I have also served as an annotator for my university's chess magazine.

Best skills

I can provide my students with insight and advice at all levels of play and a systematic long term approach to chess.

Teaching methodology

I start by analyzing the past games of my students to identify their immediate weaknesses. Then I help them understand the core principles governing the game starting from the opening all the way to the endgame. Once they have grasped the essentials, we move on to the methodology and psychology of calculation.