Anonymous IM Wins Titled Arena in Climactic Final Game


The October Lichess Chess960 Titled Arena was won on Saturday by anonymous IM "Mlchael". They were only 2 points ahead of GM Rasmus Svane in 2nd, and 3 points ahead of GM Nihal Sarin in 3rd. Sarin started the 3 hour event 2 hours late and still almost won it by amassing an incredible score.

Sarin, undefeated while having berserked every game, met the Anonymous IM in the final game for both. He was only 1 point behind. It was like something out of a movie!  A win would clinch 1st place. Unfortunately for him, he lost and M1chael won the game and the event. Sarin chose to berserk the game, which is an interesting decision because the extra point was of no use in that situation, and it was surely going to be the last game. Perhaps the possibility of a 100% berserked TA win was too tantalizing to give up. 

The next Titled Arena is on October 16th.

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